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Everyday, millions of people wake up to face yet another day, working for the many different companies and organizations and using all these different enterprise systems out there. To most people, using these systems is work.

At Alliance Technologies, we want to make it fun; something to look forward to. We believe enterprise applications should be as easy to use as any consumer applications that are very prevalent on the Internet today.


We believe that there has to be a new way to building, deploying and maintaining business applications. We believe in building applications with passion!

At Alliance Technologies, we are driven by this passion, to make the best of business applications, in everything that we do. We measure our success, not in how many sales we make, but how many satisfied customers we have!

And we want to share this passion with our customers as well as our employees, who are our partners in making this a reality!


Alliance Software

Alliance Software develops industry-focused software-based solutions to help organizations meet their business goals. Our unmatched combination of software and industry, process, and technology expertise helps reduce implementation time and risk.

  • Organizations need better financial information on a real-time basis in order to gain access to information so as to gain a deeper understanding of costs, revenue, and profitability. And their financial applications must ensure strong audits and controls while being responsive to change. A1 Business was created from scratch as a financial management application that addresses the needs of modern organizations giving them access to information on a real-time basis and with extensive drill-down capabilities. A1 Business is transforming enterprise finance and empowering CFOs today and into the future.

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  • A1 eHR is the only open source application that meets the HR needs of Mid - Large firms. A1 eHR is a unified system that provides a single system-of-record for employees. Embedded analytics, manager and employee self-service and a user experience unlike any other enterprise application, A1 eHR redefines what it means to manage a global, mobile, and diverse workforce.

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  • Discover how A1 Academia can help you transform the experience of student lifecycle management. Get the technology you need to meet your goals.

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  • A1 Defence automates the extensive supply chain networks as found in defence and similar disciplined forces across the entire countries. With leading procurement, warehousing & logistics management solutions integrated and with hardware solutions from Motorola Enterprise Mobility, A1 Defence provides the most comprehensive and affordable supply chain management solution for todays modern defence forces.



  • Application Services for Open Source In a business environment where cost and speed to market are both critical factors, open source software can play a key role in helping organizations develop the capabilities they need to achieve high performance quickly at reduced cost. Alliance Technologies provides technology strategy and implementation services to optimize and accelerate the use of open source based on wide-ranging business and industry knowledge and deep technology experience.

  • Application Services for Java IT systems are the foundation for achieving high performance in today’s business environment—but they must be agile, cost-effective and able to use disruptive technology. Alliance Technologies has the tested methodologies and frameworks to develop enterprise-scale Java-based solutions that will help achieve these goals—speeding time to market and improving the quality, usability and agility of IT systems.

  • High-performance businesses and governments look at their enterprise systems not as a commodity but as a way to help differentiate them from their competition. Alliance Technologies helps organizations achieve high performance with IBM & Oracle solutions through an unmatched combination of industry and functional expertise; an unparalleled IBM & Oracle partnership; and skilled professionals who deliver strategy, implementation, upgrade and application outsourcing solutions across the entire IBM & Oracle Middleware Services suites.

ERP Solutions

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Our Partners

Professionals with many years of experience

We are an IBM Certified ISV (Independent Software Vendor). We also provide consulting services in strategy & design, implementation services and maintaining IBM Middleware Software Solutions around the IBM Websphere Suite.

We are an Oracle Certified ISV (Independent Software Vendor). We also provide consulting services in strategy & design, implementation services and maintaining Oracle Middleware Software Solutions around the Oracle Weblogic Suite.

We also provide consulting services for the Java Enteprise stack based on our vast experience in designing, building & maintaining large scale Java Enterprise based solutions.

We are a Talend System Integrator & Technology Partner with extensive experience in using Talend internally in our applications and externally to manage and import large amounts of legacy data from our customers legacy applications.

We are a certified Motorola Enterprise Mobility Partner with extensive experience in implementing Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions around Logistics Management & Secure Access.

We are a certified Razuna Integration & Technology Partner. We provide extensive Digital Asset Management Solutions to our clients.

We are a certified Wira Integration & Technology Partner. We provide Business Process Automation services around Wira and the leading open source BPM solution jBPM from Redhat.

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